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Prometric Cna Test Passing Score. Prometric Cna Test Passing Score. Frequently Asked Questions. 1) How do I apply to take my CNA exam?. . 10) What score do I have to receive on my Written exam to pass? Licensure and . Other states use Prometric or Diversified Technologies for evaluating nurse aides while others. Passing scores vary by the entity providing the test for the state.May 4, 2011 . Info about the CNA exam Study links:. :// ervz6e4wupwfdqutiscusszcqojwb4l. … How to pass the CNA test!! Apr 17, 2013 . Retesting for both parts of the CNA exam is possible for those who are. Generally, you must score 80 percent or higher to achieve a passing . An applicant seeking a certified nursing assistant certification may pass the test by. Prometric, the official testing provider of 12 states in the United States, also. The passing score is not disclosed to the public because each state has a . After successfully passing the knowledge and clinical skills test, the candidate can use the title,. A score 70 percent or over is considered a passing score on the written exam.. How to Apply for the Oklahoma CNA ExamPrometric.Access our free comprehensive CNA Clinical Skills Test Study Guide which includes said they witnessed or have experienced when grading a potential CNA.Use our Free CNA Practice Tests to pass your Certified Nursing Assistant Exam.. Our sample exams require no registration, and include scoring and answer. Prometric CNA Practice Test (PDF) - 50 sample CNA questions in PDF format.You must attain a minimum score for each skill, typically 80 percent, to pass the test. If you pass all the skills but one, you will still have to retake the skills portion  . You must score a 70% or higher to pass the written exam. Content. You can renew your license with Prometric and the Michigan Nurse Aide Registry here.

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